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Jars for producing liqueurs, wines and other preserves will help you realize your ideas. Strong, large, glass containers that are tightly sealed and easy to clean will protect your home-made preserves from fruit flies and bacteria that might impair the fermentation. Check out or offer for liqueur jars.

If you are looking for a container that will serve you for years, order our number 1 bestseller: the 5-litre Jar / carboy with carrying straps and plastic lid – for wine, liqueurs and preserves. The lid of this jar, made of certified plastic, contains two corks, one for letting the carbon dioxide go off and the second protecting the contents of the jar from the air. That is why the jar offered in our store is perfect for fermentation. You may also seal it airtightly and store the drink-ready beverages and other preserves in it. Would you like to learn more? Check out the images and read the detailed product descriptions! We strive to broaden our selection with the proven, trustworthy accessories for liqueur, wine, juice and preserve making all the time. Stay tuned for our latest offer and equip your cellar like a pro!

We sell jars, carafes, hip flasks, bottles and other useful utensils per mail order. We offer special, reduced prices for the Biowin equipment, as well as for accessories coming from other trusted Polish suppliers. You invest in the highest quality by buying at our online store. Try us out today!