Cheese-making and dairying

Cheese-making and dairying is a great hobby that combines pleasure with practicality like no other. You can easily produce home-made cheese and yoghurt that delight with the taste and aroma and are free from artificial additives with just a little help from us. This is really a piece of cake!

We offer the high quality, reusable Cheesecloths at our store. Depending on the cheese type you would like to manufacture, order the Cheesecloth - Klinek – 45 cm, Cheesecloth - Salami - 65x14 cm or the Rectangular cheesecloth - 90x100 cm. Cheese moulds (forms) should be the next item on your shopping list. Thanks to them your dairy products will look really mouth-watering. We offer moulds for rennet-based cheese and all kinds of soft cheese. The Rectangular cheese mould for 1500 g of cheese, Round cheese mould for 1000 g of cheese and even the 80-g Heart-shaped cheese mould await you in our store. You should also consider purchasing our containers for making home-made yoghurt! No professional cheesemaker could make any progress without a cheese press. You can buy such a device at a very convenient price at our store. Take a look at all the models available – their descriptions contain the full technical specifications. Before making an order, be sure to visit the section with Other cheese-making accessories. Special cheese spice mixes, cheese quality enhancing raw materials, such as calcium chloride or liquid microbial rennet and the red cheese wax, are all to be found here. At very competitive prices!

Home production of cheese and yoghurt is not that difficult and brings so much joy and satisfaction. Browse through our products, shop with the free home delivery and see for yourself that cheese-making and dairying are the ideal hobby for you!