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Cabbage and cucumber pickling

Cabbage and cucumber pickling is the best solution for securing all-year access to delicious, vitamin-rich vegetables. We usually reach for the delicious, pickled veggies rich in vitamin C in autumn and winter, when we need a vigour boost and enhanced resistance the most. Would you like to try out pickling cabbage and cucumbers? We stand by you in all your efforts!

Below we present the section with accessories and devices that might come handy in producing home-made pickles and sauerkraut. First and foremost you would need containers in which you will prepare the right environment for pickling. You may choose from barrels, stoneware or glass pickling jars available in different sizes from 1.8 to 30 litres. We offer beautifully crafted containers, such as römertopf (chicken brick) or ornamental stoneware jars with decorative engravings. You will also find affordable seals and barrel bags in our store. You will also purchase shredders – with two or three blades – cabbage stompers / pounders, forks, ladles and wooden tongs, necessary in the cabbage preparation process. How to choose the right equipment? You only need to click the particular section and get to see images and descriptions of our products. We invite you to take a closer look!

Shop in our online store and open the cabbage and cucumber pickling season in style. We have everything you need to make your preserves tastier and healthier. Buy high quality equipment at competitive prices and save even more with the free delivery. This makes sense!
Pickled cucumber or cabbage tongs, suitable for barbecue - 22 cm -10%
$2.60 $2.89
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Pickled cucumber or cabbage tongs, suitable for barbecue - 17 cm -10%
$2.67 $2.96
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Wooden cabbage fork - 25 cm -10%
$2.93 $3.26
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Cabbage barrel seal - for 30 l and 65 l barrels -10%
$8.27 $9.19
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Stoneware - lard pot - 500 ml - without lid -10%
$8.49 $9.43
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Small cabbage shredder - with 2 blades -10%
$9.83 $10.92
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Cabbage tamper - 55 cm -10%
$12.13 $13.47
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Cabbage barrel - 5 litre -10%
$12.37 $13.74
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Cabbage and cucumber barrel with handles - 10 litre -10%
$13.45 $14.94
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Jar with tongs and plastic lid - ideal for preserves - 5 litre -10%
$13.63 $15.14
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Medium wooden cabbage shredder - with 3 blades -10%
$15.09 $16.77
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$15.90 $17.66
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Large wooden cabbage shredder - with 3 blades -10%
$16.62 $18.46
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Cabbage barrel - 20 litre -10%
$20.83 $23.14
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