Sausage Making, Meat Curing & Smoking

Meat processing and preserving, including among others sausage making, meat curing and smoking, is the proven way to affordable, healthy and delicious home-made food. You may produce excellent sausages, ham, meatloaf and pates on your own, too. The basic equipment does not come too expensive – you will buy all meat processing and preserving accessories at our store at competitive prices.

Get to know our wide selection of meat smoking equipment. We strive to make finding the tools and utensils you are looking for in the quickest possible manner and therefore divided the products into several subcategories. You will find them all below: we recommend skins and casings for sausage making, while butcher's twine and meat netting could come handy for ham cooking and smoking. In our offer you will find, among others, the affordable Linen butcher's twine, White cotton butcher's twine and Jute meat netting for smoking and roasting meat. We also have diverse smokery hooks: double for the fish, triple for chickens and the traditional, universal ones. A true sausage maker cannot omit a sausage filler / stuffer and meat mincer from his/her list: high quality Filler for sausages, kabanos, salami and other meat preserves is available in our offer for a very competitive price. You must find a place for a ham cooker in your kitchen so you can prepare excellent cooked ham and corned beef at home in a quick and convenient manner. We offer solid stainless steel pots, such as the Small ham cooker – capacity up to 1.5 kg and the Large ham cooker – capacity up to 3 kg, both seemingly indestructible. We proudly present wide selection of smokers to all meat smoking lovers, e.g. Meat smoker set – smoker & thermometer that is a great proposal for the meat smoking and curing novices. If you already got hooked on, the Garden smoker with legs, grill and grease drip tray will offer you even more possibilities! Your produce will gain the unique taste and excellent aroma, if you choose Smoking wood chips and kindling – 100% plum tree, sweet cherry, oak or walnut are available at reasonable prices, just like the saltpetre and curing salt (Prague powder) with herbs!

Our smoking accessories will allow you to produce all kinds of smoked, cured and cooked meat. Make your own delicious, healthy meat preserves free from chemical substances, preservatives and additives. It does not have to be a pricey affair – simply check out our offer and see for yourself. We invite you to shop with free delivery to your door!