Distillation is a process used in production of many different spirits. Thanks to the distillation – the process of separating components from a liquid mixture by boiling and condensation – you would be able to “rescue” the alcohol gone sour or increase the strength of the properly prepared wine. You also distil water, e.g. to use it in the irons with steam nozzles. You will learn how to efficiently and safely conduct this procedure in this subsection.

You have to “juggle” with high temperature and changing pressure in order to successfully conduct the distillation. This complex procedure requires specialist equipment. You will find high quality stainless steel distillers coming with all needed utensils and accessories at our store. This professional equipment allows you to set up the optimal conditions for distillation of any given alcohol types. Would you like to learn more? Just take a look at our offer and browse through the Distillers subsection. You will off course get the spare parts, such as the Distiller tubes' set at an affordable price. In order for the distilled alcohol to keep its strength and taste, you would need the airtight Pre-threaded capsules. You will buy them at the best possible price in our store – check it out!

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