Juices, jams and canned preserves

Juices, jams and canned preserves are the biggest treasures of every pantry. There is no better way to preserve the summer harvest than make delicious jams, marmalades, chutneys, compotes or juices out of them. And the canned fruit salads may replace fresh veggies during winter. So if you wish to prepare well for the time when there will be almost no fresh fruit and vegetables from your garden, choose our preserve making equipment and accessories. Just look at what we have for you.

Take a look at the Juicers and Fruit presses that we offer in a wide selection, if you intend to make vitamin rich raspberry, black currant, cherry, apple or carrot juice. Order the Stainless steel juice steamer that enables preparation of vegetable and fruit juices – for all cooker types including induction! This multi-purpose device will serve you for years. Juices, jams and other preserves need to be stored in proper conditions. Only the airtight containers ensure their freshness and let maintain their nutritional value for a long time. We have both jars and lids in stock. Together they will protect your produce. You can purchase a 6-pcs set of the Preserve jar - 500 ml - ø 82 mm, but if you need ornamental jars, please consider the Black stoneware jar with natural cork - 200 ml or the onion-shaped Airtight jar with flip-top lid that combines the excellent tightness with a charming look. You will not find such a broad selection of lids anywhere else – you will get golden, white and printed lids at our online store for the best possible prices. Order the Self-adhesive preserve labels or the creative Jar decoration and sealing set that allows you to decorate your bottles and jars in your own very special way. Before you click the Order now button and finish your shopping, do not forget to visit the Other home preserve accessories section. There you will find some solutions for making juice, jam and canned preserve production even easier, such as the Pektoenzym that enables you to quickly press juice from fruit.

Make a purchase with which you will be fully satisfied. You get high-end products for a budget-friendly price at our store. We also add the free home delivery – just check the cost-free shipment conditions and save even more. We kindly invite you to our online superstore!