Cesspool tabs and activators

Cesspool tabs and activators are sanitary agents that support proper working of the cesspool and house sewage treatment plants, by improving the sanitary conditions and eliminating the unpleasant odours. Did you know that you do not have to pay much, some change will do, to effectively decrease the frequency of cesspool emptying. Check out our offer today!

We hereby offer a wide selection of cesspool activators from renown brands, such as BROS,  EXPEL and Target, to name only a few, at affordable prices. You may purchase, among others the Cesspool and home sewage treatment plant powder and the natural Bio-Activator for cesspools and home sewage plant renovation, available in 25 g packs. The products offered here contain useful bacteria that reduce the amount of persistent sludge and clear the watering pipes. If you are looking for a larger pack, order the Microbec Ultra – a Microbec Ultra Cesspool and allotment 25-kg cleaning agent in tabs. All cesspool and water plant activators available in our store come with a proven reliability – they do not also lower the amount of money spent on them, but will also remove the ugly smell. This purchase makes sense!

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