Climbing roses

If you are looking for ornamental plants that would cover walls, pergolas or gazebos, choose climbing roses. They create marvellous flower cascades by climbing on these supports. Many cultivars, differing mostly in size and colour of the blooms, belong to this group. You will find some of these cultivars in our online garden store. All seedlings available here stand out with the highest quality.

Climbing roses are not typical climbers or creepers, as they climb up the supports only thanks to their pricks that grow on the stems. These stems may bend, hence the plants would need some support from your side. There are both soft and stiff-stemmed varieties available. Roses do not require much care nor any special site. They grow well on sunny and partially shady, wind-sheltered sites with a permeable and fertile soil. They can handle less favourable conditions, too, though. They harmonise well with other ornamental plants, such as climbing ivy. The lower parts of rose bushes may be accompanied by poppies, lavender, cosmoses or phloxes, depending on your arrangement. Climbing roses with differently coloured flowers would look great on a fence, railing or gazebo.

We particularly recommend a yellow-flowered climbing roses that looks great on pergolas, gazebos and other structures offering support for them. It blooms abundantly and will decorate the area around your home.