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Daffodil Apricot Whirl - 5 pcs

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Daffodil "Apricot Whirl" (Narcissus) belongs to the most unusual and ornamental narcissi-cultivars that are available on the market. This presented variety dazzles with an exceptional vigour. It grows up to 40 cm and produces extremely large flowers that reach up to 10 cm in diameter. Thanks to the large, open corona (trumpet) flowers of the "Apricot Whirl" seem to be double – corolla scales are the same size as the tepals. The unusual, apricot-pink colouring of the blooms also adds to their irresistible charm.

Bulbs of the "Apricot Whirl" daffodil should be planted late in summer and in early autumn. This proposed variety grows well on every humous, not too heavy garden soil and produces the most blooms on sunny sites. Its apricot flowers decorate the borders in April, at the same time as hyacinths and grape hyacinths.

One package contains 5 "Apricot Whirl" daffodil bulbs sized 12-14 cm. The most important growing instructions have been included in the package information.

  • Species: Daffodil
  • Variety: Narcissus
  • Bulbs: 5
  • Bulb size: 12 – 14 cm
  • Height: 40 cm
  • Flowering period: IV
  • Planting period: VIII – X