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Dahlia "Pooh Swan-Island"

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The "Pooh Swan-Island" dahlia (Dahlia) is a variety that produces intriguingly, contrastingly coloured, shapely inflorescences. One is mistaken who thinks that the single-flowered dahlias are less decorative than their relatives with double, pompom-shaped flowers. The natural charm and beauty of the smaller flower heads that appear in large numbers guarantee a spectacular visual effect. The medium tall "Pooh Swan-Island" dahlia grows 60-70 cm tall and develops vividly red flowers with yellow edges and golden "collars" around the centres.

Dahlias may be grown on all sunny sites. Plant dahlia rhizomes in spring in the sufficiently moist, permeable soil that is rich in humus or has been enriched with compost. These plants are undemanding and will bloom abundantly and reliably in almost every soil. They constitute an ideal company for the annual flowering plants and perennials of tuft and erect habit. We recommend to combine them with daylilies, true lilies, eastern purple coneflowers, sneezeweeds, phloxes and other dahlias.

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  • Variety: Pooh