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"100 dni" (100 days) Long-lasting Hydrangea fertilizer - Substral® - 1 kg

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The "100 dni" (100 days) Long-lasting Hydrangea fertilizer from Substral® acts two-way: it fertilizes plants and acidifies the soil they are growing in. It provides plants with all necessary nutrients, including magnesium. It additionally lowers soil pH creating conditions appropriate for healthy growth of hydrangeas. Your plants will be always properly nourished and will remain in excellent condition. They will pay you back with long and abundant blooming, becoming a durable, magnificent decoration of your garden.

This product is available in granules, making its application easy and convenient. It will immediately replenish nutrient deficiencies in the soil, feeding plants instantly, yet it will also act in the long term. Presented Substral® fertilizer will gradually and evenly provide plants with all necessary nutrients over the next 100 days. It will acidify the soil at the same time, supporting the development of roots and therefore improving plants' health. Proper fertilization guarantees long and abundant blooming.

The package contains 1 kg of the "100 dni" (100 days) Long-lasting Hydrangea fertilizer from Substral®, as well as the best-before date and detailed instructions of use.

Application method. Acidifying the soil: acidic soil is essential in growing hydrangeas, particularly when you cannot exchange it. The soil pH affects the growth and the number of flowers. Fertilization: the larger sachet contains a balanced mineral fertilizer that meets all requirements of the hydrangeas and ensures their long and exuberant blooming. Only 1 or 2 fertilization rounds would be needed within a season. Water the culture abundantly after application of the fertilizer. Dosage per 1 m2: Fertilization sachet - 20 grams in the first year, 30 grams in the following years. Acidifying sachet - 10 grams in the first year, 15 grams in the following years.