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Garden roses

Choose Garden roses – they are great for borders, exceptionally ornamental and come in variety of colours. They will fit into every garden, where they look best planted in larger groupings. You may also grow them as feature on flower beds and decorate the vicinity of your home, a terrace or city space with them. Even though they are not that aromatic as other roses, they have the advantage of frost-resistance, tolerance to unfavourable weather conditions and most dangerous diseases. You will find high-quality garden rose seedlings of numerous varieties that differ in habit, height, flower colour and use at our online garden store. You may actually divide this group into several categories, such as miniature, ground cover, multi-flower and large-flowered roses.

We particularly recommend the red garden rose with its bushy habit that grows up to 1 m tall. It blooms exuberantly producing marvellous, double, red flowers. It will adorn the garden with them all summer long. The cut stems with flowers will decorate the interiors or may be used for composing bouquets. This variety looks splendid in a groups, particularly with varieties producing differently coloured blooms. It fits both a rural and an English garden.

Garden roses planted on flower beds will decorated city space in parks, alongside pavements and paths. They do not require much care, are rather easy to grow and should not pose any problems to garden beginners.