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Insect repellents and insecticides

Are you looking for a place that offers only premium quality insect repellents and insecticides? You found it - we are so glad that you have come to our store. We have the best products that repell and kill insects who threaten humans, animals, and plants. We continue to expand our offer with innovative, tested, safe, and effective products from the renown brands, such as Arox, Bros, Hunter, Substral, Sumin, Target, and others. To make easier finding the insect repellent that meets all your requirements, we have created sub-tabs with product groups. We kindly encourage you to browse through them!

If you are looking for reliable repellents, check out the Tick repellents, Mosquito repellents, and Blackfly repellents sections. The products that we offer guarantee long lasting protection from bites. We offer excellent sprays and lotions, such as the MAX Kropp Double Power Mosquito and Tick Spray or Mugga - the efficient roll-on lotion. You can also find electric vaporizers, coils, and scented tabs in our store. There are also products that can be applied by dusting and protect the area from mosquitoes and ticks, such as Aspermet Target, Bagosel 100 EC Bros, and Komaropren PBO. Do you need a proven solution for flies? Get rid of the nagging intruders with the help of our sprays (e.g. Up-Control Target, Owadozol Mist Best), sticky fly catchers (available in a variety of often decorative forms), and bug zappers. We also offer a wide assortment of white and black mosquito nettings! Why don't you try our excellent wasp traps and sprays, e.g. Anti-Sting Gun Target, that will protect you and your family from meeting with those extremely dangerous creatures. If you need effective protection from ants, cockroaches, and silverfish, you will find them in our store. Just look in the appropriate sub-category and order Mrowkofon Bros, Ants Control, or Polcyp 5 WP Target. We also have innovative clothes and pantry moth repellents, and fruit fly repellents on stock. Presented category encompasses garden insecticides too. Look no further for the aphid, whitefly, red spider mite, larvae, nematode, and thrip repellents. They are all legally certified and allowed for use during the season. We also have pot plant insecticides at excellent prices. Buy scale insect, armoured scale insect, and mealybug repellents with cheap home delivery at our store. If you value the comfort of online shopping and expect premium quality at acceptable prices, we won't disappoint you. Have a look at our products!