Lawn seed mix - Sport Premium - 1 kg

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The Sport Premium lawn seed mix will allow you to create a lawn that will surprise you with its resistance to mechanical damage, maintaining tremendous ornamental value in the process. The grass selection, composed by turf experts, is based on the valued grass varieties that are famous for their resistance to heavy use. High capabilities of quick regeneration prevent the turf from losing its looks even after frequent and intensive use. Thanks to the inclusion of common bent, the lawn achieves a compact, dense texture. This species also enhances frost tolerance of the mixture. The composition offered here is recommended for heavily frequented lawns, playgrounds and first-class sporting grounds. The vividly green colour of the turf is even, without any differences between various parts of the selection. The exclusive "Sport Premium" lawn seed selection constitutes excellent material for turf rolls. The presented mix meets high aesthetic requirements without compromising the excellent hardiness even when exposed to the most intense use.

The productivity of this grass selection is estimated at 40 m2 / 1 kg of seeds.

Contents of the "Sport Premium" lawn seed selection: perennial ryegrass "Vesuvius" 10%, perennial ryegrass "Eurodiamond/ Europitch" 20%, perennial ryegrass "Greenglide/ Eurocorpus" 25%, red fescue (creeping habit - Festuca rubra ssp. rubra) "Rossinante/Clemens" 10%, Kentucky bluegrass (smooth meadow-grass) "Kaitos/ Conni" 15%, Kentucky bluegrass (smooth meadow-grass) "Sunbeam/Miracle" 20%.

Contents of the selection may change and vary in regard to the grass varieties. This depends on the supplied product and its batch number.

The price quoted here is valid for 1 kg package.

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