Low-growing snapdragon "Portos" - orange

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The low growing "Portos" snapdragon (Anthirrhinum majus nanum) is an easy-in-cultivation, vigorous, annual plant that would introduce new colours to your flower beds. Snapdragon, particularly popular among the youngest gardeners, owes its name to the unusual build of the flowers that, when squeezed gently, open their petals and display the interior of the flower that looks like dragon's mouth. The variety offered in our store belongs to dwarf cultivars that grows maximally 40 cm tall and develops numerous orange flowers that take on an attractive colouring with a hint of pink. The low growing "Portos" snapdragon will enrich every border and flower bed, as it harmonises with popular annual plants (cosmos, larkspur, yellow and brown marigolds), as well as with late summer perennials (coneflowers, dahlias and bee balm). You may grow it with its relatives: the pink "Atos" and red "Aramis" snapdragons. You will complete the whole team of musketeers in our shop!

The sow of snapdragon seeds should be planned for early spring. Seeds should be sown to boxes or multipots, while the seedlings that have developed first true leaves are pricked out to peat pots. Transplant the plants to the permanent location after the late May frosts. The variety offered here does not belong to the demanding ones - it likes every kind of the fertile, humous, permeable soil. It blooms in the second half of the summer.

Flower colour: orange.

Packages available in our store contain 0.5 g of seeds. Quantity of seeds per 1 g: 6000 - 7000.

  • Weight: 0.5 g
  • Height: up to 40 cm
  • Use: ornamental - edgings, flower beds, borders
  • Flowering period: second half of summer
  • Flower colour: orange with a hint of pink
  • Vegetation form: annual
  • Site: fertile, humous, permeable soil
  • Quantity: 3000 - 3500
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