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Pasque flower seedlings, Pulsatilla

If you love Alpine landscape, you have to try out our pasque flower seedlings! Our store offers the most beautiful varieties of these early blooming, hardy perennial plants. We invite you to take a closer look at the images!

The pasque flower (Pulsatilla vulgaris), arguably the most common variety of this species, belongs to the least demanding and most loved flowers of early spring. This tiny plant grows only 20 - 25 cm tall and still manages to develop surprisingly large, bell-shaped, adorable blooms. It blooms from March to May and since it develops a compact, tuft-like habit, it is perfectly suited for rock gardens and smaller borders. Our online store offers a wide selection of pasque flower seedlings that develop flowers in a wide variety of colours. Just browse through this assortment! You of course will buy the classic white-flowered pasque flower, resembling the alpine species, at our store, but if you wish to welcome summer colours in your garden in early spring already, add the pink and red-flowered varieties to your shopping cart. High quality seedlings that we offer will produce plenty of blooms that take on vivid, saturated colours. The blue and yellow pasque flowers await you here, too. These two cultivars look particularly charming in company of crocuses and the later blooming hyacinths and Armenian hyacinths. The fact, that pasque flowers remain ornamental even after their flowers have wilted thanks to their hairy fruit and velvety stems and leaves, constitutes yet another asset of this species.

The Garden Seeds Market online store offers first-choice pasque flower seedlings - large, healthy and coming only from renown, trusted producers. There is a free delivery option available. Get to know our flowers, take advantage of the affordable prices and change the look of your garden for a minimal price. We are there to help you!