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Ornamental garlic Gladiator – large pack – 10 pcs

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Ornamental garlic Gladiator (Allium) constitutes a great combination of the abundance of blooming that is characteristic for the garlics and leeks producing spherical inflorescences with relatively moderate growth, making it a perfect plant for lower borders and perennial groupings in smaller gardens. This dazzling variety grows 90 – 110 cm tall developing straight, thick, strong stems, decorated at the bottom with rosettes of narrow, greyish green leaves and crowned with dense, purple balls consisting of tiny flowers. You may grow the ornamental garlic Gladiator for cut flowers and use them in fresh and dried bouquets. Plant this species on borders in smaller groupings at the background of the even taller varieties, such as Mount Everest or Giganteum, if the space permits, or in company of the dwarf hostas and smaller garlic and leek cultivars with openwork, mesh–like inflorescences – e.g. rosy garlic, Turkestan garlic or pink lily leek.

Large bulbs should be planted in autumn into a loosened soil enriched with compost or other organic fertilizer. Garlic likes sunny sites, although it tolerates partial shade. These plants grow and winter best in a permeable soil that is moist in the spring and drier in the summer. They bloom exuberantly in June.

One package contains 10 ornamental garlic Gladiator bulbs sized 18–20 cm, produced and delivered by a Dutch planter. Growing instructions have been included in the package information.

  • Species: Ornamental garlic
  • Bulbs: 10
  • Bulb size: 20/+cm
  • Height: 90 – 110 cm
  • Flowering period: VI
  • Planting period: autumn

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