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Square pots

Square pots combine simplicity and functionality with a touch of extravaganza. There is a wide selection of sizes, designs and colours available in our online store. Take a look at what we can offer you!

The square-shaped “Coubi” pots delight with bright colours. They are available, among others, in fuchsia-pink, raspberry-red, olive green, as well as in more subdued colours, such as white, creamy-white, cafe latte or graphite-grey. If you prefer subtler, rounded shapes, take a look at the “Toscana” square pots – the red metallic one will add character to the extravagant, contrasting arrangements, the pastel green one will harmonise with an interior arranged with cool colours, while the sandy beige and cafe latte ones are universal and will fit all designs. We also offer “Lofly” square pots. The models with clearly visible, flared upper edges look solid and massive, providing a great background for ornamental plants with an erect, tall habit, such as the “Lucky Bamboo” Sander's dracaena or the common ficus tree. “Ratolla” square-shaped pots with their ornamental, rattan-imitating surface are our number one bestseller. They are available in classic colours, such as anthracite grey, white, mocha brown and dark brown. You may also consider ordering the tall “Finezja” planters, ideally suited for growing larger succulent plants – thanks to the special inserts the risk of waterlogging plants is eliminated. They are available in plain and chiselled patterns. Square orchid pots and pot casings, such as the transparent “Coubi Duo” products in intriguing, pastel shades, are also to be found in this section at affordable prices. The same goes for the square shaped herb plants, such as the double square herb planter “Twins Cube”. Our online garden store offers square pots in sets with matching saucers, too. All sizes – from 10 x 10 cm to 40 x 40 cm at the base – are available. We invite you for shopping tour with satisfaction-guarantee!