Rattan-imitating pots

The rattan-style pots combine a natural look with sublime elegance. Rattan, sometimes called rotang, is an elastic and lightweight material used most commonly for wicker furniture. It is won from Calamus rotang plant, also known as manila or malacca. Our online store offers pots and planters made of synthetic rattan, an extremely durable plastic material, that resembles natural rattan. This material significantly outshines the natural fabric with durability and damage resistance, as well as in terms of fading in exposure to sunlight. It is therefore so popular in manufacturing of garden furniture and balcony and terrace pots. On the other hand, it looks equally aesthetic as the natural rotang and does not bring plastic to mind.

Just take a look, how beautiful our rattan-style planters and pots can be! The 19-cm square “Juka” pot in white, beige, mocha-brown or graphite grey colour will add an extra kick to the plants that adorn your living room or bedroom. You should also consider ordering larger, 25, 30 and 40-cm models, but if you are on a hunt for a tall, slender planter for the living room or terrace, the tall, square “Finezja” pot with an insert protecting plant roots from waterlogging, will satisfy your needs. If you need an attractive container for growing balcony flowers, nothing could be better for that purpose than the tasteful, marvellous “Werbena” flower planter – particularly, if you combine it with a matching small “Begonia” planter, placed on balcony railing instead of the ordinary balcony boxes. Check out this possibility!

Rattan-resembling pots and planters are perfectly suited for various kinds of interior arrangements. They fit modern, ethnic and rustic styles. We have gathered the most beautiful pots made of synthetic rattan in elegant, ever fashionable colours in our online store. Thanks to this diversity you will be able to find a model that meets all your requirements. Purchase the beautiful rattan-style pots at affordable prices and change your home design still today!