Tall pots and planters

If you wish to optically enlarge a small living room or add lightness to any other arrangement, tall plant pots will help you achieve your goals. These slender containers will not occupy much space, yet provide plants with sufficient room for root development and look exceptionally elegant. You will find them in all beautiful colours at our online garden store!

Are you looking for a container for a smaller plant? Choose the tall 12 x 12 x 20 cm “Coubi” square pot or the tall round 20 x 26 cm “Lofly Slim” pot. What colour are you looking for – creamy or clean white, cafe latte or the stylish stone grey? You will quickly see that these suggestions form only a fraction of our colour selection. Would you like to grow a large cactus or a tiny tree in a tall container? Either plant will look adorable in the tall round 25 x 47 cm “Lilia” pot. We especially recommend the vivid fuchsia-pink and lime green, as well as the universal black colour versions of this product. The modern classic interior arrangements will be perfectly complemented by the “Lilia” pots with a chiselled pattern that look like if they were handmade. Tall “Finezja” pots with rattan-imitating finishing and large “Sahara” pots – subtle in form, yet durable and frost resistant – are on the other hand the ideal choice for balconies and terraces. We also offer a wide selection of tall plants with inserts. They would come in handy at homes of those plant lovers who tend to flood their green friends. The insert allows the water to run off and protects the plants from waterlogging. The ornamentally embossed “Makata” and “Diament” round pots are definitely worth your consideration.

You will find the largest assortment of tall pots and planters at the most competitive prices right here, at our store. We only offer premium quality goods manufactured of durable, sturdy, aesthetically looking materials. We invite you to browse through our offer and wish you nice shopping!