Flower planters

Flower planters, these ornamental containers intended first and foremost for growing flowering plants on balconies and at home, allow you expose the beauty of the plants in an even more attractive way than standard pots. Garden Seeds Market hereby presents a broad selection of flower planters at affordable prices. Watch images of our plant containers and refresh your interior and balcony arrangements in a cost-effective manner!

Have you ever thought about what the ideal flower planter should be like? A pot of this kind should offer sufficient spaces for magnificent floral compositions in the first place. The 19 x 56 cm “Begonia” flower planter can easily house several petunia, geranium, coleus or begonia varieties that would form a formidable, unique colour explosion. You will also find a functional metal holder for the “Begonia” planter that will enable you to mount the container safely and conveniently on a balcony railing. Looking for a large, stand-alone flower planter? We recommend the “Werbena” planter with a rattan or chiselled pattern on the surface. It is perfectly suited for growing abundantly blooming plants with trailing shoots, ornamental grasses and species that dazzle with their foliage – your imagination is the limit! Should you look for something even more sophisticated, you might find interesting the “Gracja” planter for cascading flower arrangements that resembles... an antique fountain.

Our online garden store offers flower planters in tasteful, universal colours: white, creamy-white, in different shades of terracotta, mocha-brown and black. They provide an elegant background for multi-coloured flowers and can be easily fitted to other interior decorations. Do not hesitate – take advantage of the special prices for flower planters that can be used at home, on a terrace or balcony. Your plants may look even better – invest in the setting their beauty deserves, sit back and enjoy the results. We are there to assist you in all your gardening efforts!