Balcony and terrace pots and planters

Pots and planters for balconies and terraces should not only be durable and weatherproof. We recommend to select the ones that match the plants you intend to grow and the relaxation spot where you will place them, in terms of colour and shape. We will help you create a magnificent background for your balcony plants and flowers – no wonder, if you think that you will find the widest selection of balcony and terrace pots and planters at our online garden store.

This subcategory contains all our balcony boxes and planters. The “Venus” balcony box and the “Agro” outdoor pot are affordable, practical solution, especially if you plan to grow plenty of plants and wish to hang the containers on the railing. If you like original forms and look for unique design, invest in the square-shaped “Lobelia” railing-mounted pots! The “Respana Triple” balcony box that looks like three round pots joined together, will also allow you to create unforgettable plant compositions. Apart from these, we also offer standard, single round pots, such as the simple “Glinka” pot in the ever popular terracotta colour and “Terra” round plant pot with its ornamental pattern of vertical stripes. If you wish to break free from classic shapes, choose the round “Nitly” pots with a plait pattern. Which one of them do you like most – the white, creamy-white, peach, sage-green, mocha-brown or anthracite-grey? The other models that are worth your attention include the lightweight and ornamental “Matuba” round plant pots, the frost-resistant round “Sahara Slim” pots and the beautiful tall round pots with inserts: “Diament Slim” and “Makata Slim”, available in elegant colours: anthracite grey, grey-beige, light beige and cafe latte. People, who would like to grow small conifer, olive and citrus trees on their balconies should order the stand-alone “Roma” urn-shaped planters adorned with patterns imitating antique Roman art. If you have rattan furniture on your balcony, add matching “Begonia” balcony set with a rattan pattern or similarly styled “Werbena” flower planter. In case you do not want to transplant your flowers, but are fed up with the pots they grow in, get to know our broad assortment of pot casings. The round “Aruba” pot casing in bright colours (yellow, paste lime green, cantaloupe-orange), round “Ibiza” casing (pistachio-green, lavender-blue, blueberry-purple, creamy-white and light beige) and the bicolour “Duet” pot casings (available, e.g. in anthracite grey/ light green, anthracite grey/ beige and creamy-white/light beige colour pairings) will allow you to renew the look of your old plant containers.

Excellent choice at surprisingly low prices – this is the mission statement of our online store. Do not hesitate, browse through our offer, make a purchase and adorn your balcony and terrace with style – yet without overpaying!