Pot inserts

Pot inserts significantly facilitate proper care of home and balcony plants, particularly those sensitive to excess humidity and waterlogging. Easy to clean, durable plastic containers provide a smart way to avoid growing mistakes that every gardener and grower sometimes makes. This section encompasses magnificent, solid pots with inserts. All you need to do is choose the model that would fit into your living room.

But why should you buy a pot with an insert in the first place? A plant growing container of this kind protects plants from waterlogging. There is a hollow space between the insert and pot base, where the excess water my gather. That way the plant roots do not grow immersed In water, what could negatively affect the well being of the plant, and you do not have to worry about pouring away the water from the saucer nor clean it after every watering. Water evaporating from the bottom of the pot helps to maintain proper soil humidity for a longer time. As you can see, pot inserts bring plenty of advantages to the table!

Ornamental “Makata” pots with inserts await you in our selection. The attractive wickerwork pattern on the surface of these containers, combined with elegant colours (light grey, grey-beige, white, cafe latte), make the pots presented here a tasteful interior decoration. Take a look at our smooth, round “Vulcano” pots with inserts. They are perfectly suited for terrace and balcony use. If you like vivid, saturated colours, the “Ibiza” round pot with an insert is the right choice. Order the turquoise or blueberry-purple model to cheer up and refresh your interiors. This is by far not all that we offer. We continuously work on expanding our assortment with stylish and functional pots with inserts. Stay tuned, take advantage of special offers and sales, and order the best pot inserts available on the market at surprisingly affordable prices. You are always welcome at our garden store!