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Balcony boxes / planters

Balcony boxes and planters are arguably the most frequently bought outdoor plant containers. They owe this popularity to their practical form and possibility to grow several plants at the same time. People looking for pots to grow petunias, geraniums, scarlet sage and other popular balcony flowers usually choose boxes. They are available continuously at our store in all sizes and colours you could ever imagine!

A small, oval 23-cm or 27-cm “Vulcano” box, available in white, beige, creamy-white, pistachio-green and anthracite-grey colour options, will perfectly fit smaller balconies. If you have more space at your disposal, order an equally elegant, plain 40-cm “Lotos” balcony box with a saucer / tray (available in sets with metal baskets, too), a universal flower planter from Lamela or the wood grain “Elba” box that will look amazing on a wooden balcony railing or balustrade. The exterior windowsill is the perfect place for a subtle “Rosa” balcony box with a lace-like finishing – light beige and mint-green belong to our favourite colour versions, but you should consider darker colours, too! You may adorn a large balcony with our excellent “Begonia” balcony set with a rattan or chiselled pattern. Our online store offers a wide selection of saucers and balcony box holders at competitive prices as well.

Do not hesitate, choose your favourite products and decorate your balcony with abundantly blooming pot plants! Balcony boxes and planters from the renown producers (e.g. Lamela and Prosperplast) that are available in our store will serve you for years! All products presented below have been manufactured of materials that are resistant to sunlight and other potentially harmful external factors. They are therefore perfectly suited for adorning balconies, terraces and windowsills. We kindly invite you to browse through our assortment and wish you a pleasant shopping experience!