Orchid pots and pot casings

Orchid pots and pot casings are essential in growing and taking proper care of these magnificent plants. In order for your orchids to grow healthily, they need containers that fit their size, ensure proper water circulation and access to light. Do you think that your orchids need larger pots already? Or maybe you would like to present them with new casings that better complement your interior arrangement? Whatever reason you have, we kindly invite you to browse through our assortment.

Our online garden store offers “Coubi Dus”, “Coubi Duow” and “Coubi Dsto” orchid pots that delight with harmonious forms and a variety of colours. Containers for growing orchids do not need to be dull and colourless – choose from green, orange, pink, purple or blue pot and create an intriguing contrast with the flower colour of your plants. If your orchids do not require transplanting yet, buy them new pot casings at surprisingly affordable prices at our store. The 12.5 cm “Orchidea” and 12.7 cm “Flora” orchid pot casings will underscore the beauty of your plants thanks to their elegant form and vivid colours. If you prefer opaque containers, take the splendid 14.6 cm “Wenus” orchid pot casing into consideration. Should you possess several plants of similar size, combine them into one dazzling composition thanks to the “Bella” casing with lace finishing and “Wena” or “Luna” casings for two orchids.

Learn more about our selection of orchid pots and pot casings. We offer a wide assortment of designs and colours that fit into all kinds of arrangements. We only sell products from renown manufacturers and guarantee high quality and excellent durability for the price affordable to everyone. Let us convince you today!