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Saucers and trays

Every lover of pot plants knows that saucers and trays are by no means less important than the containers in which you grow your green (well, not always green) beauties. If you think, that finding a saucer that would match your pot in terms of size, colour and shape is time consuming, we invite you to our store! We know the requirements of our customers and therefore offer a wide selection of high quality saucers and trays sized from 9 to 33 mm (round saucers) and 40 to 80 cm (rectangular saucers and trays). Please feel free to visit us any time!

The affordable ”Kolor” saucer is an universal, lightweight round saucer that would fit the vast majority of pots. White, beige, mint-green, pistachio-green, lavender blue or cherry red – you will find virtually all colour options here. The round wood grain “Elba” saucer with a high edge will prevent the water from spilling and is available in various sizes and colours. Larger containers require larger saucers – choose solid saucers for the “Massive” pots in white, mocha-brown, umber – dark brown or anthracite grey. Deep saucers for the “Agawa” pots will also stand up to the test. If you need a saucer or tray for a balcony box, you may choose from the products matching the outdoor “Agro” and “Venus” pots (available colours: terracotta, brown, dark brown and anthracite grey). You will also find elegant, oval 40 and 44-cm saucers for grave candles here.

Waste no time for arduous search for the right saucers and trays in stationary garden stores and markets. You will find the right product that meets all your requirements in our online shop. You will order it with one click. Purchase high quality, durable and great looking saucers at affordable prices with cost-effective home delivery. It's so easy – try us now and join the ranks of our satisfied customers!