Pot and planter hangers and holders

Hangers and holders for pots and planters belong to the essential equipment in every balcony garden. Planters, boxes and baskets with flowers are usually heavy and therefore you should not even consider making savings on hangers and holders – apart from the situation, when you decide to shop at our store. You will buy heavy-duty pot holders at affordable prices here!

We offer hangers for balcony boxes, planters and hanging containers from renown manufacturers (Prosperplast and Lamela, to name only a few). Among other top quality products available at our store you will find the holder for “Gala” and “Lotos” balcony pots, “Lobelia” balcony box / planter holder and the “Agro” balcony pot hanger in many different colour options. Thanks to these products you will easily find a matching hanger for pots differing in size, style and colour, making the mounting accessory virtually invisible. If you plan to create a larger composition, you might find the functional double balcony box holder or the metal holder for 50-cm oval balcony planters, useful. You may secure one XXL-sized plant container or several smaller ones with it. Check out our excellent herb and flower growing set: a triple metal basket + three round “Ibiza” pot casings, that will allow you to create a practical, beautiful hanging garden anywhere you want to. There is also a wide selection of decorative metal hangers for bowls and baskets available at our online garden market. Why shouldn't you take a look at the decorative hanger for 35-cm flower baskets with a beautiful art deco plant pattern!

We kindly invite you to learn more about our selection. We have hangers and holders for pots and planters of all kinds in wide size selection. Save money thanks to competitive prices and seasonal special offers – buying at our store is always profitable. We will help you fulfil your dream of a fairy-tale balcony or terrace. Do not hesitate and take a look!