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Strawberry seeds

We recommend stawberries to all lovers of sweet, juicy red fruit. The seeds stand out with high quality and germination capacity, because they come from proven producers only. It allows you for a successful culture yielding rich harvest, provided, of course, that proper conditions are maintained and appropriate care measures are taken.

Strawberry is a descendant of wild strawberries. It has been created from crossing wild Chilean strawberry with the Virginian wild strawberry. It contains plenty of nutrients, particularly when it comes to vitamin C. Strawberries are higher in that vitamin than lemons. Strawberries are perfectly fitted for jams, marmolades, compotes and constitute a great addition to many desserts and meat dishes. They also show medicinal value, as they lower blood pressure and cholesterene level, improve condition of hair, prevent from diabetes, act antiviral and diuretic, as well as improve functioning of the digestive system.

You will find seeds of several strawberry varieties in our garden store. We particularly recommend the „Tresca” variety that stands out with extremely long fruit bearing period – from June until first autumn frosts. It produces medium large, tasty, juicy berries. What is also important, it does not sprout many stolons. The „Temptation” variety also deserves your attention. It can be grown in containers and develops long, crawling shoots, on which red, sweet fruit appear in summer. Lose no time and choose seeds of your favourite strawberry variety and put your gardening skills to the test.