Tomato Faworyt seeds - Lycopersicon esculentum - 263 seeds

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Tomato ‘Faworyt’ is a medium-early tomato that produces large fruit, which grow up to half a kilogram in weight. The fruit grow slightly flattened with a thin skin. The juicy flesh contains only a little seeds and has a wonderful flavour. Tomato ‘Faworyt’ is recommended to be staked.

Growing: sow the seeds from March to mid-April. Plant out into a permanent position in 60-70cm x 50-60cm spacings in mid-May. The tomatoes require humus soils in sunny positions; they need to be heavily fertilised.

Each packet contains 0.75g of seeds.
Each packet includes a growing guide and a sow-by date.

Approximately 263 seeds (+/- 20%)

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