Other lawn care products

Welcome to the category, where products necessary for setting up and taking care of lawns are gathered. You will find useful accessories and protection agents for lawns at competitive prices here. Choose first-class quality and see, what more you could do for your lawn in order for it to become even more ornamental!

If you have just decided to set up a lawn or your turf needs thorough rejuvenation, buy Target lawn soil in a large, 50-litre package. This productive mixture of premium quality fen and medium peat has been enriched with substances that allow grasses to germinate healthy and abundantly. You will also find effective herbicides in our store. This range of products will let you get rid of weeds from your lawn. We recommend, among others the Mniszek Ultra 070EW plant protection agent that completely destroys weeds, including their roots. All products available in this subcategory may be safely used on lawns, without risking any damage to the turf. Click on the product name and read its description in order to learn, what weeds it fights. If you are looking for other proven lawn herbicides, visit the Insects, pest, disease and weed protection department, where you will find the broadest selection of tested plant protection agents.

Setting up and maintaining a lawn does not require much effort, nor must be pricey! In order for your efforts to bring breathtaking results, make use of our selection of the lawn maintenance products. Buy quickly and conveniently at affordable prices with free home delivery!