Overseeding and lawn repair

Overseeding and lawn repair are first-aid measures for turf that did not survive winter in good condition, was damaged by a mole or has empty spots burned by the dog's urine. Take a look and see, how easy rejuvenation of ugly lawn spots can be!

Lawn overseeding products will help you immediately solve the problem of empty spots on your turf. We hereby present lawn patches from renown domestic grass seed producers. Zielona Łata (Green Patch) lawn repair set – seeds, fertilizer, soil and mycorrhizae from Zielony Dom provides a budget solution for repairing damaged sod. High quality seed mix included in the above mentioned set consists of seeds of quickly growing grasses and since the product also comes with fertile soil and mycorrhizae, new turf will germinate within days and immediately thicken. Do you need a larger package? Regina grass – for lawn regeneration from Target could meet your requirements. It is available in packages of various sizes, from 100 g to 5 kg. We would also like to turn your attention to the Magical lawn repair for 33 patches from Biopon. If you have a dog, the Magical lawn repair for 4-in-1 for lawns damaged by dogs – a set consisting of seeds, soil and fertilizer, enriched with dog's urine neutralizer – should come in particularly handy. Take a look at our other offers – we kindly invite you to browse further through our selection.

Overseeding and lawn repair products at affordable prices with quick delivery and premium quality guarantee – the online Garden Seeds Market stands for the highest shopping comfort! Do not hesitate, save your lawn without overpaying! We make it possible.