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Grass seeds for dry sites

Grass seeds for dry sites prove to be an excellent investment in case of growing fresh green lawns on sunny sites, where grass would normally dry during summer heat. This section encompasses all of our lawn seed selections of grasses that are resistant to drought and lack of shade. We have everything you need – take a look and see for yourself!

If you wish to grow a dense lawn on a site with dry soil that does not contain much nutrients, the Dakar – lawn seed for sunny sites from Target proves to be the best possible solution. The lawn seed offered in our store consists of noble grass varieties that grow in dry, sunny locations in the wild. The Trawnik Polski (Polish Lawn) Desert for dry sites, a composition of grass seeds with high amount of tall fescue, a variety ideal for sandy soil, will allow you to achieve similarly good results. Are you looking for large, XXL economy seed packs? You will find large packages of lawn seeds for dry places at affordable placed in our shop. We recommend, among others, the Oaza (Oasis) range of products – lawn seed selection for dry and sunny sites from Planta and the Watersaver – lawn seed mix for dry spots from Barenburg, both available in 5-kg packages. The seeds that we offer germinate rapidly at a high rate and young grass quickly develops deeply reaching, broadly spreading root systems that make it resistant to high temperatures, lack of water and treading. All those features allow you to grow an emerald, carpet-like meadow on sites that would seemingly be not fitting for the task.

We kindly invite you to shop at our online store with premium quality seeds. Qualified seeds from the leading producers are available with free home delivery at our store. Save thanks to affordable prices and special offers, take advantage of online shopping and enjoy your purchase without standing in queues!

"Park" lawn grass selection for parks - Planta - 0.5 kg -10%
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"Shania" grass for shady sites - Target - 0.5 kg -10%
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"Shania" lawn seed for shady sites - Target - 1 kg -10%
$23.13 $25.70
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"Flower painted" (Kwiatami Malowana) lawn seed selection - 1 kg -10%
$24.69 $27.43
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"Park" lawn seed selection for parks - Planta - 2 kg -10%
$28.72 $31.91
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Grass selection for shady situations 'Shade Premium' - 1 kg -10%
$29.01 $32.23
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Park - lawn seed mix for parks - Planta - 5 kg -10%
$64.92 $72.14
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"Dipper" rhizomous red fescue - 5 kg -10%
$85.94 $95.49
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"Tytan" lawn seed selection - 5 kg -10%
$90.03 $100.03
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"Shadow Gazon" turfgrass - lawn seed mix for shady sites - 5 kg -10%
$94.79 $105.33
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"Shania" lawn seed for shady sites - Target - 5 kg -10%
$110.04 $122.27
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Gracja grass selection for showcase lawns - Target - 15 kg - for 600 m² -10%
$148.57 $165.08
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"Tytan" lawn seed selection - 15 kg - for 600 m² -10%
$261.97 $291.08
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"Shania" lawn seed for shady sites - Target - 15 kg - for 600 m² -10%
$320.21 $355.79
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