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Aerators and scarifiers

The Aerators and scarifiers department encompasses accessories that would allow you to take proper care of your lawn, because a well-kept green area requires more effort than only mowing, watering and fertilizing. See for yourself, what benefits aeration and scarification bring to your lawn. The products available below will significantly and visibly improve the condition of your lawn.

Aerators are tools, that are available in various kinds and shapes, intended for supplying grass with more oxygen. This happens thanks to a very simple action – puncturing and loosening the soil, what allows more oxygen to penetrate it and reach the roots. This simple measure improves grass condition, enables it to spread, develop strong roots and decreases the risk of fungal diseases. There are many different kinds of aerators available on the market – from digging forks with long tines to special aerator shoes that allow you to combine taking care of lawns with a stroll through the garden. Among others, you will find the excellent Liquid lawn aerator from Target in our store. Thanks to this product you will aerate the lawn while... watering it. Presented liquid aerator also prevents grass from thatching. It is usually required to scarify lawn in order to remove surface thatch. That method includes cutting up the lawn and mechanical removing of the clumped grass. Our functional tools will significantly facilitate this time-consuming process. Try them out and see for yourself!

We invite you to regularly check our offer. We put all possible efforts in order to offer innovative and proven gardening novelties to our customers and regularly extend our offer with premium quality products. You will buy aerators and scarifiers at exceptionally competitive prices with affordable and quick home delivery at our online garden store. We invite you for a shopping tour with a satisfaction-guarantee!