Lawn contamination protection

How could you effectively protect lawn from contamination? Eliminating the cause of the problem proves to be the answer! We offer highly efficient, affordable pest repellents. Lawn care products of the best available quality, that help you eliminate all traces of pest activity, are also available in our garden store. Just take a closer look!

If your beautiful lawn is spoiled by mole barrows, do not wait any longer and order the Mole-catcher – mole trap. This cheap, yet effective trap will not harm the animals, but allows you to transport them safely outside of your property. But how would you discourage pests from coming back? Buy the Farewell to a mole – mole repellent from Zielony Dom or the Reiss-Auss Gran from Target, that effectively repels moles, dogs and cats. If you wish to avoid using chemical agents, the “Sonic” electronic mole and rodent repellent from BROS or the Solar ultrasound mole, mice, gopher and vole repellent prove to be an excellent solution to this problem. These durable devices emit sound waves that immediately and effectively discourage pests from staying in their vicinity. Our sturdy, fail-proof devices will serve you reliably for years. And what about the situation, where it's not the mole, but your beloved pet, who endangers the lawn? You would definitely need Urynal – lawn protection from dog's urine. This product neutralizes the impact of animal urine and supports grass growth. Order the Magical lawn repair for dog damages, too. This set enables you to cover up to 33 hollow spots with dense turf!

As you can see, it is possible to protect the lawn from contamination at affordable prices. Shop at our online gardens store, take advantage of the cheap home delivery and make sure that your garden is free from pests forever. Learn more about offer today!