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Professional grass seeds

You will order professional grass seeds at competitive prices at our online garden store. Premium quality seeds with high germinability guarantee growing elegant, healthy and thick turf. Check out our offer and see, what more we could surprise you with.

Why is it worth to invest in professional grass seeds? These selections have been composed by seed experts and stand out with highest possible quality. You will find professional seeds from the World leader in lawn seeds, Barenburg, a company who supplies seeds to organizers of the largest sports events, at our online store. Expect to find lawn seed selections for both dry, sunny sites (Watersaver) and shady locations (Shadow Gazon) in this subcategory. Grass seed mixes offered here consist of species and varieties with clearly defined environmental requirements. Turf for sunny sites develops deeply reaching root system and has low watering requirements, while the one intended for shady spots takes on a bright colouring even with less exposure to sunlight and grows slowly, eliminating the need for frequent mowing. You will also find excellent Sport grass seeds at our store, including lawn seed selections for recreational and sporting grounds with improved resistance to treading. The Exclusor / Gazon Elite composition for showcase lawns, that stands out with high disease tolerance, softness and marvellous appearance, ensuring a permanent green carpet effect, is our proposal for the most demanding customers.

Our professional grass seeds are available in packages of various sizes, what allows you to tailor your choice exactly to your needs. We invite you to browse through our offer and wish you a pleasant shopping tour!