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Universal grass seeds

Your home garden lawn should be both ornamental and a place of active relaxation – do not hesitate and buy universal grass seeds. The lawn seed selections available in this subcategory of our online store are multi-purpose. They are resistant to treading, handle close mowing excellently, quickly regenerate and form compact, elegant sod without any empty spots.

If you are looking for seeds of quickly growing varieties that are excellent for home garden lawns, the Green Universal and Trawnik Polski Universal will definitely meet all your expectations. These long-lived, sturdy compositions of broadly spreading bunch grasses encompass seeds of the perennial ryegrass, red fescue and Kentucky bluegrass (smooth meadow-grass). Using this seed selection gives you a guarantee that the grasses will germinate quickly and almost immediately form a green carpet free of any hollow spots – even on uneven structured soil. The other quickly germinating, resistant, highly recommended lawn selection is Picnic – universal grass for home gardens and yards. It consists of lawn grasses that are resistant to treading and develop magnificent, broad, juicy green leaf blades. Would you like to transform the vicinity of your house into a flowery meadow? Buy the Trawnik Kwiatowy (Flowery Lawn) – this selection of lawn grass and flower seeds will introduce an idyllic ambience into your garden.

This is just a fraction of our broad assortment of universal grasses. Garden Seeds Market offers lawn seeds from the best domestic and foreign producers (e.g. Barenbrug, Biopon, Planta, Target) in 0.9 kg to 5 kg packages. Save money thanks to affordable prices for qualified grass seeds and enjoy a well-kept garden without damaging your home budget!

Lawn seed mix - the multi-purpose lawn seed - Planta - 0.9 kg -10%
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"Tytan" lawn seed selection - 1 kg -10%
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Lawn seed selection - Rekreacja Premium - 1 kg -10%
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Lawn seed mix - the multi-purpose lawn seed - Planta - 2 kg -10%
$15.43 $17.14
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Lawn seed mix - Sport Premium - 1 kg -10%
$15.45 $17.16
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Flowery lawn - lawn grass and flower seed selection - 0.9 kg -10%
$17.45 $19.39
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Universal lawn thickener seed selection - Substral - 1 kg -10%
$24.95 $27.72
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$51.43 $57.14
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Universal lawn thickener seed selection - Substral - 3 kg -10%
$55.50 $61.67
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SELF-THICKENING grass - all-purpose - Substral - 5 kg -10%
$88.83 $98.69
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