Winged everlasting (Ammobium alatum) - 4200 seeds

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Small winged everlasting's flower heads with larger, round, sunny-yellow centres and white petals surrounding them dazzle in dried flower arrangements. This charming annual plant produces erect, branched stems that grow 50 - 70 cm tall from surrounding them rosettes of broad leaves. Winged everlasting (scientific name Ammobium alatum) is rather undemanding in terms of cultivation. It grows well on weeded, permeable and humous soils on sunny sites.

Plants can be grown from seedlings produced in April or from direct sow in May. These plants bloom in July and their extremely durable flowers retain their ornamental value until October. Winged everlastings look great on borders accompanied by golden everlastings and other species with multi-coloured blooms. They are grown mostly for cut flowers, dried bouquets and wreaths.

One package contains 2 g of seeds. The sow-by date and growing instructions are printed at the back of the package.

  • Weight: 2 g
  • Height: 50 - 70 cm
  • Use: ornamental - borders, dried bouquets, cut flower, wreaths
  • Flowering period: July - October
  • Growth form: erect, branched stems
  • Flower colour: White-yellow
  • Vegetation form: annual
  • Foliage: rosettes of broad leaves
  • Flower type: flower heads
  • Site: sunny; weeded, permeable humous soil

Approximately 4200 seeds (+/- 20%)

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