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Ready-made mushroom growing kits

If you love eating mushrooms, make yourself a gift and order the ready-made mushroom growing kits. This department presents tremendous sets that contain everything that you need to grow shapely, aromatic mushrooms in the garden or... at home! Learn more about our offer and let us surprise you with our competitive prices!

The white and brown common mushrooms that can be grown at home and in the garden enjoy great popularity among our customers. You may also try growing the elm oyster, pearl oyster or golden oyster mushroom. Pick the beautiful, golden caps of the nameko mushroom and the parasol mushroom - you will see that it is easy! Every ready-made mushroom growing set that is available in our garden online store consists of the special soil with mycelium, a growing box and the detailed growing instructions. This set guarantees successful cultivation of button mushrooms, oyster mushrooms and nameko!

We work together with mushroom growing experts, hence all the products available here online stand out with excellent quality. Since your satisfaction is our priority, we offer competitive prices and affordable delivery options. Do not hesitate and take a chance on growing abundant crops of delicious mushrooms in your home garden or on your balcony!