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Silk threads

Silk threads category has been introduced to allow you to find your desired product quickly. Warning: a broad selection of excellent products will not make this choice any easier.

Silk threads are unusually strong and durable. They are made of triple-thread splice. The noble material allows to manufacture smooth, shiny thread. It is shear-proof, so the thread does not split. It is also little prone to tangling and knotting. Silk thread is mostly used in jewellery making. There is no better solution for nicely arranged necklaces and bracelets made of pearls or attractive woven and knit products. It is also widely used in embroidery. There is also a more practical side to silk thread as well. It works well in all cases when you need a thin, slick and shiny binding material that also displays durability. You may also use it in the kitchen, because it is an organic product. Tie the roast or a bundle of soup greens with it. Silk durability may also come in handy in the garden for tying branches and creation of support nettings for creepers. It is weather-proof and therefore reusable. Silk threads offer myriads of possibilities. Choose your own!

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