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BIO Eco balance Organic Fertilizer - Compo® - 50 g

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BIO "Eco balance" Organic Fertilizer is the first truly vegan fertilizer available on the market. It has been manufactured solely of plant waste won from the recycling processes in the food processing industry. It contains, among others, grape seeds residues, melassa and beet pulp. This composition makes our fertilizer 100% natural and safe for all plants. It is perfectly suited for organic cultures, as it meets all criteria and complies with all regulations of organic farming. This innovative product corresponds with the trend of living in harmony with nature and efforts to make the best use of all the bio waste. Eco balance fertilizer, a product that fully deserves the eco-friendly description, will appeal to all gardeners who value first class natural products.

One 50-g packet is intended for a single use. You do not have to store this product, occupy valuable storage space, nor risk loosing properties of the product. This fertilizer should be used 2 - 3 times within a season to enrich the soil. One package allows you to fertilize 1 m2 of land. Granulated form enables convenient use.

The offer is valid for one 50-g bag of the BIO Eco balance fertilizer from Compo®.

Application method:
50 grams of fertilizer per each 1 m2. Pour the fertilizer around the plant and mix with the upper layer of soil. Water the plants thoroughly after the fertilizer has been applied.