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Bird feeder for fat balls

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A bird feeder for fat balls is a product that allows you to feed flying creatures during the winter. It is a straightforward device that can be easily hanged in garden, on a balcony, or terrace. This feeder is suited for filling with fat balls that wintering birds, such as tits, eagerly eat. The size of the feeder is suitable for the majority of birds that are fed during the winter. Presented feeder is stable, durable, and convenient in use.

The body of the feeder is made of steel powder coated 2 mm wire. This smooth metal mesh is safe for the animals and looks good. Birds can sit on it, holding onto it with their claws. They can then peck out the food from the inside. The lid protects the contents from falling out and being devoured by some unwanted guests. The filling of the feeder with new food only takes a second.

Dimensions: 25 x 7 cm

  • material: metal