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Pole mounted bird table / feeding tray Birdyfeed Round - anthracite-grey

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Pole mounted Birdyfeed Round bird table. This is product is exceptionally decorative, even though its design is rather minimalistic and simple. It is definitely worth to mount it in the garden or on the balcony in order to feed birds during the winter. A feeder should be installed on the spot that would allow you to watch your winged friends through a window. Our product ist not only functional, but may also act as a great addition to your garden arrangement.

This birdhouse has been manufactured of high quality plastic that stands out with resistance to mechanical damage and is weather-proof. Therefore it will not lose its decorative look because of the frost or sunlight. Its simple construction allows to hang it with a line on a tree or a hook in the wall. You may also mount this bird table on a pole or rod. It has been equipped with a large seed chamber and a sloping roof that protects feeding birds from their larger cousins, rain and snow.

Colour: anthracite-grey


Length: 29.4 cm
Width: 25.8 cm
Height: 12.2 cm

  • Length: 29.4 cm
  • Width: 25.8 cm
  • Height: 12.2 cm
  • Material: plastic