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Campanula, Bellflower seeds

There are bellflower seeds of numerous species in our offer. You may choose from Carpathian bellflower, clustered bellflower, peach leaved bellflower, Canterbury bells, fairies’ thimbles, spotted bellflower or Serbian bellflower.

Their ornamental, bell-shaped blooms will adorn every border, rock garden, embankment or balcony. Some of the bellflower species may even be grown for cut flowers that fit well into bouquets. Bellflowers thrive in our climate conditions, although some of them do not show great frost resistance. In these cases the overground part of the plant needs to be cut off and the plant covered for winter.

All bellflower seeds available in our online store comply with the highest quality standards, since they come from renowned producers only. Doubt it? Just give them a shot!

Carpathian Harebell, also called the Tussock Bellflower, is a perennial variety that grows up to 25 centimetres in height. Producing lovely white or blue...
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Colourful, bell-shaped flowers will definitely add flavour to many rock gardens. It is recommended to sow seeds of different bellflower species intended...
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