Grass repair and rejuvenation mix - 5 kg

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Lawn repair and rejuvenation mix offers a proven method of bringing new life to a lawn damaged by hot summer, mechanical action or an extremely cold winter. This grass selection consists of varieties that quickly germinate and develop root system. This product efficiently regenerates the turf, that quickly becomes strong, compact and uniform again. It is resistant to treading and atmospheric conditions, what makes it ideal for gap filling by the means of overseeding. It will almost immediately cover empty spots caused e.g. by mole attacks. It also stands out with exceptionally vivid, dark green colour. Grass rejuvenation and repair mix may also be used for creating new lawns. Dynamic growth, excellent colouring and compact, homogenous structure belong to the most important advantages of the turf grown from the selection that we offer here. It is suited for use in home gardens, larger lawns and decorative and recreational grounds.

The efficiency of this mix is estimated at 40 m2 / 1 kg of seeds.

Contents of the Lawn repair and rejuvenation mix: perennial ryegrass "Bokser" 50%, perennial ryegrass "Esquire" 40%, red fescue (creeping habit - Festuca rubra ssp. rubra) "Corail/ Maxima" 10%.

Contents of the selection may change and vary in regard to the grass varieties. This depends on the supplied product and its batch number.

The price quoted here is valid for one 5 kg package.

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