Garden hoses

Garden hoses belong to the mandatory garden equipment. The question is, where to find and buy a garden hose at an affordable price? Well, you have already found the answer – in our online shop!

The first stage of the selection process is choosing the most appropriate diameter and desired length of the garden hose. We offer 1/2’’, 3/4’’ and 5/8’’hoses – the bigger the diameter, the stronger is water pressure. Therefore we recommend 3/4’’ and 5/8’’ hose for all larger areas and gardens. If your garden is rather small, choose a 15-m or 20-m long hose with 1/2’’ in diameter. Do not worry, you will also find 30-m or 50-m long garden hoses in our offer – we are committed to make your work as easy as possible, hence offer a wide variety of models and sizes. Even if you value cost-effective shopping, you do not have to sacrifice quality. Choose the multi-purpose, universal ECONOMIC CELLFAST garden hose or the lightweight ECOLIGHT CELLFAST garden hose. Thanks to the triple-layer structure and high resistance to a wide range of temperatures, the models offered here will serve you reliably and long for years to come. We also recommend the excellent PLUS CELLFAST garden hose – an elastic, sturdy, UV-resistant product that does not support algae development! Take into consideration our ready sets – you will find the ECONOMIC garden hose with a set of connectors at a ridiculously low price in pir store! And what about installing a snip-n-drip soaker line? The cost-effective and efficient snip-n-drip watering would be possible with the DRIP garden soaker hose. We think that you might also need a proven lawn sprinkling system. Choose the SPRING snip-n-drip soaker hose! Our online store will provide you with useful accessories, such as the Garden hose guide that protects the garden from damage and the practical Garden hose hanger that allows easier storing and lets you save valuable space in the garage. Do you need some accessories for longer models? You should definitely buy the ALUPLUS CELLFAST garden hose portable reel – this relatively cheap and solid product will enable you to coil even a long and thin hose. All garden hoses available in our store come from renown producers and stand out with high resistance and durability that guarantees long-term, trouble-free use. Check out our offer still today!

We make economical and effective garden watering possible. Order high quality garden hoses without overpaying, with a quick home delivery. You will not find a wider selection anywhere else – see for yourself!