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Innovative watering

So what is Innovative watering all about? It is water supplying in a way that prevents roots from drying out and, at the same time, from waterlogging, because both cases are equally dangerous and harmful for the majority of plants. Innovative watering allows you to save time needed for regular plant watering and proves to be exceptionally useful during longer absences and summer heat, when some plants would need watering a few times daily. Sounds interesting? Learn more about offer!

If you have a large collection of pot plants, you simply need to take a look at out Innovative watering – At home department. You will find a large selection of pot watering systems there. They significantly facilitate taking care of balcony and home plants – even those most demanding ones! Just take a look: you will purchase the Lamela Lilia pot irrigation set at an exceptionally competitive price in our online garden store. We also offer models intended for other types of containers – if you predominantly use square pots, order the Lamela Finezja and Juka pot irrigation set that is available off-hand in various sizes. In this section you will also find the affordable IDOZ water dispensers for pot plants that prove to be useful during longer stays away from home. We have prepared the best possible innovative watering solutions for you. See what more can you gain by shopping at our store!

We invite you for a shopping tour at the Garden Seeds Market. Here, you have everything, that you might need for complex plant care at home, on the balcony and in garden, within reach. Take advantage of our seasonal special offers and the FREE home delivery option. Do not miss out on this chance!