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Ixia "Giant" - Large Pack! - 150 pcs.

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Ixia – corn lily "Giant" - large pack! - 150 pcs.

Ixia is a low growing bulbous plant that originates from Africa. It is sometimes called corn lily and can be often found in old, traditional gardens. It had enjoyed big popularity in the past. This perennial belonging to the Iridaceae family blooms in early summer in June and July.
Ears of star-shaped flowers are the main ornament of this plant that grows 40 – 50 cm tall and develops slender stems. Dense, conical inflorescences develop atom the stalks. There can be up to several dozens of six-petal blooms on each stem. "Giant" ixia develops white inflorescences that shimmer with darker eyes. They grow from the bottom. Yellow stamen and pistils appear in bloom centres. The leaves that grow from the bulb are narrow, long and sword-shaped.

This plant is intended for cultivation on sunny, wind-sheltered, warm sites. It requires permeable, light, moderately fertile soil. If you decide to grow ixias in containers, use a mixture of peat with sand. Ixia does not tolerate moist soils, but reacts well to enriching it with compost or other organic fertilizer. Take care of proper watering and fertilizing right before the blooming period. This will stimulate the plants to produce more flowers. This species is sensitive to frost. Cover the bulbs planted in spring with mulch, twigs or straw.

Ixia is a beautiful border plant. It looks splendid in larger groupings, particularly when combined with differently coloured varieties. It also forms nice background for lower growing plants. It is recommended for ornamental containers that you may decorate terraces, balconies and entrances with. Ixias are sturdy cut flowers, too. Bouquets of their blooms will decorate interiors for a long time.

Each package contains growing instructions.

  • Species: Ixia
  • Variety: Ixia
  • Bulbs: 150
  • Height: 40 – 50 cm
  • Flowering period: VI – VII
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