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Ixia "Mabel" - Large Pack! - 150 pcs; corn lily

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Ixia – corn lily "Mabel" - large pack! - 150 pcs.

Ixia is a bulbous plant that does not enjoy such popularity as tulips or hyacinths. Its unusual blooms deserve your attention, though. "Mabel" ixia delights with the intensity of its colour. This low growing plant will make its mark in your garden.

Flowering stalks grow in-between the sword-shaped leaves in June and July. Myriads of star-shaped flowers appear on their tops. They tightly cover the thin stem, forming conical inflorescences. Deep, pink colouring of the blooms belongs to the most important features of this variety and makes it so attractive. The foliage takes shape so characteristic for the Iridaceae family. Long, linear, spiky leaves and the stems are rather inconspicuous and do not present ornamental value. Blooming occurs in June and July.

If you wish to plant ixias, also known as corn lilies, in your garden, find them a warm, wind-sheltered, sunny site. The ground needs to be carefully weeded and loosened. The soil should be permeable, light, medium rich in nutrients. Ixia requires a moderately moist locations that do not waterlog. It positively reacts to organic fertilizing before planting and mulching. We recommend to use multi-compound fertilized before blooming on lesser soils..

The "Mabel" ixia is an extraordinarily charming flower for sunny borders. We advise to place the bulbs into a planting basket. This will make the tuft dense and improve the ornamental value. Colourful ixia flowers harmonize with other bulbous plants, such as gladioli. They look great in pots and boxes, hence fit onto balconies and terraces. Cut flowers are ideal for colourful summer bouquets. They retain freshness in vases for a long time.

Each package contains growing instructions.

  • Species: Ixia
  • Variety: Ixia
  • Bulbs: 150
  • Flowering period: VI – VII
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