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Pale-flowered fritillary - Fritillaria pallidiflora

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Pale-flowered fritillary is yet another charming proposal of this particular species. Stiff stems with numerous, pale yellow flowers form an intriguing border decoration. The Fritillaria pallidiflora fits onto different sites with good exposure to sunlight. This plant is still rather uncommon in home gardens. That is why it is worth to purchase at least a few bulbs of these magnificent flowering plants.

A stem with lily-like leaves sprouts from a pale-flowered fritillary bulb. They differ through a waxy coating that lends them a greyish tone. The said stem bifurcates often in the middle of July already. There, at the ends of the thinner stems, flowers appear. The hanging bell-shaped blooms take on a pale golden colour. Fritillaria pallidiflora blooms truly exuberantly. One plant produces even more than a dozen flowers.

This species prefers sunny sites. The soil should not be moist, rather sandy with good water conditions. Should you miss that kind of soil from your garden, we recommend to add a drainage layer to the hole before planting bulbs. You may also form a small elevation over the bulb, allowing the excess water to run off. This soil does not need to be fertile, a moderate amount of nutrients in it would be sufficient.

This magnificent flowering plant looks best planted in groups. It fits into different kinds of garden arrangements, as it forms a charming spots on spring bulb plant borders, especially combined with the seasonal annual flowers. Pale-flowered fritillary enriches the naturalistic compositions. It harmonises with a larger forget-me-not borders and hosta tufts. If you have a pond or stream flowing through your garden, reserve some space in their vicinity for this Fritillaria. Its unconventional beauty would be even more accentuated at the water.

  • Species: Fritillary
  • Variety: Fritillaria pallidiflora
  • Flowering period: VII