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"Park" lawn grass selection for parks - Planta - 0.5 kg

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"Park" lawn seed selection for parks from Planta, offered here in 0.5 kg packages, is a mix of noble varieties of the perennial ryegrass, red fescue and sheep fescue that are recommended for heavily used and shady sites. The grasses offered here handle lack of sunlight well, spread broadly and develop a compact, vividly green turf right after the sow. All of them are resistant to frequent, close mowing. They also survive heavy, intensive use. The major part of the park grass selection presented here consists of the reliable perennial ryegrass, a species characterized by strong vigour, low environmental requirements, excellent frost hardiness, as well as broad leaf blades and tuft habit that allows the lawn to retain its ornamental value for years to come.

The "Park" lawn seed selection from Planta has received a certificate from the Main Inspectorate of Plant Health and Seed Inspection. By shopping at our store you will purchase qualified seeds that originate exclusively from professional seed farms that meet all the strict criteria of certified, health seed production. The seeds offered here are free of weed seeds and contamination. We also guarantee that this product contains seeds of the indicated varieties only.

Each package contains 0.5 kg of seeds of the "Park" lawn seed selection for parks. That amount allows you to cover an area measuring circa 20 m2.

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